my name is Tomáš Kempný and i am genealogist. I offer complex services in genealogy, from research and translating records to final family tree. I started with genealogy in 2009, since beginning of 2012 its my main job. I reside in Ostrava, CZE and I specialize mainly on Silesia and Moravia, but i can as well work in other parts of Czech republic and in surrounding countries.

What do you need?

To begin, you need to provide some information about your ancestor(s), such as estimated date of birth and place, etc. Searching without any leads is time consuming and mostly doesn’t succed.


email: kempny.tomas(at)email.cz
or use comments below this post.

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  1. John Reid

    I am looking for information on my grandparent who immigrated to Canada in 1903:

    Jan Kadlubiec
    born April 11, 1871 Doini Listna, Trzinietz (Třinec) Duchy of Teschen, Austrian Silesia, Austrian Empire
    known information on siblings who remained in Trinic:
    brother Pavel Kadlubiec who married a Ukranian woman and Jan also had a sister – looking for information on parents and other siblings

    Jan married 13 Feb 1900 in Trzynietz, Duchy of Cieszyn (Tetschen) to:

    Helena Zielina
    born 17 Apr 1881 Dolní Suchá, Duchy of Teschen, Austrian Empire
    parents: Johann Zielina & Marianna Kempny and Helena had three sisters, one was Zusanna Zielina who married Jan Glaicar – looking for information of other two sisters.

    Thanks for your time


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